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  • Generate income with our Hybrid Trading System.
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Our método

After years of research, our team has developed a hybrid technology that allows us to study the evolution of the main assets and operate in the market through the use of advanced algorithms that allow us to obtain an optimal risk/return ratio.

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of the main assets: currencies, raw materials, stocks, etc.
  • AI algorithms developed to find the best opportunities.
  • Continuous optimization and adaptation to different market trends.

Service cost

Option 1

15% on the capital generated, if the investor already has their own Broker or Bank with Metal Trader 4 or 5, or chooses another one other than ours.

Option 2

10% on the capital generated, as long as the investor registers with one of our trusted Brokers under our referral link: Go to Broker

Frequent questions

In this section we answer the most common questions from our clients. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our hybrid trading analysis system is programmed to automatically adapt to different market situations. When the general sentiment changes, say from bullish to bearish, the hybrid system specific for these situations is activated to try to take advantage of the movement.

Trading is an activity that always carries risks and therefore our hybrid trading analysis system minimizes risk and increases effectiveness since the emotional factor is eliminated. It is always possible that some operations last a little longer than normal. To solve this, we have a tool that continually evaluates open operations in case it is necessary to intervene. With this we ensure that 98% of the operations end up being winners.

Your benefits are always available to be withdrawn, “they are in your account.” You just have to make sure that your balance is never less than the minimum contracted capital. If at any time you wish to withdraw part or all of the initial capital, you must notify our support team in order not to interfere with the correct functioning of trading operations.